Creating Beautiful Smiles With Invisalign® In Midland

The dentist at Midland Dental Smile Solutions can help you realize your dream of having that straight, beautiful smile without metal wires of traditional orthodontics and braces. We have been creating beautiful smiles with Invisalign® in Midland for many years now.

Invisalign® treatment uses clear dental aligners to treat various orthodontic problems such as gaps between teeth, overbites, underbites, open bites, crowding and crossbites. Invisalign® is an excellent choice for treating teeth that have relapsed after previous orthodontic treatment and need minor correction. We have an experienced dentist to help you with the realignment of your teeth. There are many factors that need to be taken into account while aligning your teeth. Some of these factors are:

  • Bite’s alignment
  • Bite’s load
  • Your TMJ joint
  • The function of your jaw muscles
  • And more

After the assessment, we will evaluate your treatment at all phases. Our dentist closely monitors the alignment of your bite to ensure that the upper and lower teeth align properly to avoid potential problems.


Some of the many benefits of getting Invisalign® are:

  • Invisalign® is invisible to the naked eye
  • It can be removed if you have a special event to attend
  • It provides great comfort
  • You can eat whatever you want
  • Flossing and brushing is possible without any special tools
  • No cuts on your lips, cheeks, or gums due to metal wires
  • You do not have to worry about metal allergies or toxicity

Attain A Beautiful Smile At Any Age

Both children and adults can get Invisalign® at our family-friendly dental clinic to get their crooked, gapped or crowded set of teeth aligned. Improperly aligned teeth not only look weird but can also lead to several unwanted problems like gum disease, jaw pain, TMJ, and headaches. Invisalign® can help you eradicate all these problems and that too without getting noticed.

We can customize Invisalign®’s clear aligners based on the mould of your teeth. It usually takes about 6-8 months to align your teeth with Invisalign®, but some people might need more time depending on the severity of the teeth misalignment. If you are embarrassed by your gapped or crooked teeth, reach out to us to get a beautiful smile.

Get A Flawless Smile

Perfectly aligned teeth not only make you smile wider but also keep you away from many other dental issues.